Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Where Are We Going?

Where are we going?

With much ado about this that and other in the political world I wondered where we were going in terms of human interaction.

Are we drifting apart or coming together?

Or neither of the above?

The loss of direct human interaction is countered by so called social media. That is no substitute for face-to-face dialogue though. We read faces when we talk face-to-face. We see the smile, the wink, the grin, the sadness or the grief when we connect face-to-face. All that can be lost or misread in text; it was a joke we text when we are misread by 'whoever'.

There is often bile and hatred via social media as tactility is missing. Would say those same things face-to-face with that person? Really? Would you?

The good thing about social media is that it does connect us to those far and near. Our loved ones and others that we would very rarely make contact with otherwise.

The good thing about social media is that it brings with it social concerns as we post what comes our way - from environmental issues to fun pics of animals doing their thing.

However, like the many charitable causes that advertise their concerns and needs to help others we can just click or scroll it out of sight. When we meet up with others, be they involved in said charities or organisations or not, we get connected fully as human beings.

We are not robots. We are humans. We are humanity. We are humane. We are humanitarian.

We will achieve more as a human being if we remember that words and actions have consequences; think of how easy it is to react without forethought through the use of social media.

So I ask you, where are we going?


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