Monday, 29 February 2016

The EU Vote

The EU [European Union]

How times do change. Firstly, we are all Europeans. Secondly, we are close in heritage to Europe than we are to the USA, Australia and or New Zealand, the other "English" speaking nations. Thirdly, we are no longer an Empire ruling other nations by force.

To remain in an organisation or group means some of the time some of the rules and norms adopted by said group might not be to "our" liking. That applies from the family structure all the way through to global industry and commerce.

Does the EU benefit the UK? More than we realise if we look at the antics of our parliamentary elite over the last five decades. Bad enough they were tempered by EU policy without them being free unfettered by others more erudite and socially aware.

So why the bawling for a referendum to either stay in the EU or leave the EU? Real reason first is that the current PM David-call-me-Dave Cameron forgot what leadership is all about and has put the onus of leadership upon the civilian population regarding a very serious issue. Second reason is that David-call-me-Dave thought he would be PM for a short term so anything he did would have no real ramification in relation to him personally. Third reason is that David-call-me-Dave is totally ignorant of the EU and its mandates; as of course most of the current Con and Lab Party chaps and lasses; LibDem do not count as under Nick Clegg they threw away any long term chance of power in parliament after they were trashed in the 2015 General Election.

So having had the burden of making a leadership decision thrust upon them, without the salary, status and recognition that such leadership encompasses,  the UK citizen must vote - or rather should vote as there is no mandatory law that states a citizen in the UK must vote - to decide on the future of security, policing, finance, social and public policy, fiscal, industrial, technological and service trades and of course the red herring immigration and migration in relation to the UK and the EU we can ask which way "should" we vote? "We" being an all-encompassing term but meaning you individually as an eligible voter.

Personally, knowing that border control is the absolute responsibility of the UK government and nothing really to do with the EU in terms of who is let in and why, the UK has no open border deal with any country as it is not part of the Shenegen Agreement, one can say that being in the EU is better than being out of the EU. Most of the UKs political problems from business tax to the sex trade laxity via the police force and local authorities arise from the UK government not the EU. Left to their own thinking I doubt if the Cameron's, Osborne's and other chaps and lasses inclined to keep a tight grip, as in follow the leader, on the shirts of such unenlightened, inarticulate and puerile minded politicians of the day will be of any good to the UK.

The OUT bunch of MPs are of course just as bad in their unenlightened, inarticulate and puerile minded way. They have no idea as to what could happen, only guessing and gesticulation as they simply say OUT OUT and erm, OUT. They are in truth part of the problem as they have allowed the David-call-me-Dave to run amok without any thought of connective reasoning and or deductive analysing of the issues facing the UK. All mouth and no trousers as the saying goes.

The choice is not one of keeping those immigrants out - they can already be kept out. The choice is not one of keeping the social welfare for nationals only - that can already be applied. The choice is not one of "British" jobs for British workers - the British citizen can apply for and accept the same jobs under the same terms and conditions as the "foreigner" does.

The real choice is do we trust the likes of Cameron, the heir to Blair remember in both warmongering and mass immigration, to lead unfettered? If not then it is better at least for a few more decades to have more erudite people on the scene than not. In the political field in the UK there is a dearth of such chaps and lasses.

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