Friday, 9 January 2015

Nothing Has Changed

Nothing has changed much since my last post - sadly. Violence reigns as does corruption fraud and greed.

We have allowed violence to conquer by not allowing others to defend themselves, or others in need of being defended. Yet governments wag war on those very premises.

Citizens need to stand up to violence and need to help stop the violence.

Punishment should fit the crime and restitution should be made the prior action of the offender - restitution to those he or she has acted against, not just 'society'.

Citizens need to make politicians and the anti-crime force accountable for their actions.

Governments must give back the right of the citizen to be able to defend themselves and others. Maybe then instead of an i-phone picture of a murder being flashed around the murderer will not be able to kill anyone else - or be prevented in the first place.

Citizens have got to stop being afraid of the bully boy and act out against him or her. 

Turning the other cheek is also a sign of defiance - old custom of making someone use the other hand to strike you, demeaning the attackers status - time to take that stand.

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