Friday, 9 January 2015

Being Lost

Julian's Blog looks at why God does not do anything about suffering. Because we have strayed away from God like sheep straying from their shepherd. We follow the wrong things or people. Like Adam and Eve we also blame other people for our behaviour - it's all his, her, their fault...

Truth is the world is full of temptation. The easy buck, the quick 'whatever'. All for one and all for me kind of attitude - government leaders obey that saying to the letter. The temptation of power and wealth, status and adulation. There is a cost to dishonesty and corruption but not often seen in reality. And that is the problem. Seeing for most people is believing. They see the me all activity as the winning activity - no holds bared and no accountability, not really, a slap down in the media maybe. Suffering comes from our desire to have whatever regardless of the consequences. From Israel and its land grab making hundreds homeless to the Muslim fanatic murdering an unarmed and always innocent person. Terrorists nor fanatics target the real angst maker - the corporate fraudster, the deceitful financier and the war warmongering political or religious leader. They use the cowards way of action - targeting the innocents knowing full well no government will do a thing about it and the corporates and financiers are making too much wealth to care about their actions. It is frustration that makes us act as we do. Frustration with others and with ourselves, our inability to change the situation.

So though we say God does not help - he allowed the crusades, the inquisition, the holocaust and Stalin et al to kill - murder - millions we fail to see that human nature to blame. Only leaders can call for war and get away with it. Political and religious. But look at our baying leaders. Comfortable and safe and so are their nearest and dearest. Yes we have strayed far from God into the idolisation of self-satisfaction, for whatever reason because wanting to be a martyr is a form of self-satisfaction, and Mammon.

WE certainly are lost.

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