Monday, 21 July 2014

A Willingness Is Needed

As 2014 continues with conflict and political misadventure throughout the world we have to keep coming back to the fact. Without cooperation societies will crumble and fall.

All government and religious leaders need to back off from the teeth flashing, chest banging posturing and remember we are not apes still. We have progressed to developing societies that do harmonise and work well together. The few that are led by testosterone power craze and narcissistic visions of  self-aggrandisement should be smothered by the decent and sensible men and women who all too often allow apathy and ignorant indifference to get in the way of social and excellent agreed social order by allow such inglorious men, and women, to get away with their speech and actions.

Time to stop the rot and kick out the bad and rotten apples in our society - regardless what race, religion or class they are.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Flooding UK

The UK has had its fair share of tragic floods. With hundreds of thousands affected by such disaster the UK Government does nothing. Only Prince Charles, Heir to the Throne, has bothered to visit those affected by the deluge of water flooding their farm land and destroying their homes. CamCon and Co. are despicable insidious chaps who have proven time and time again they care not one jot for the citizens of the UK. Mind you both Clegg and Miliband have remained sat on their arses rather than visit the people who might one day be asked to cast their electoral vote for such miscreants. It would serve the self serving little chappies if people voted for UKIP rather than the main useless miscreants that we have skulking in parliament. It is time people took action against the corrupt and asinine political elite!

NB The politicos went welly walking at last! Too little too late boys. Too little too late.