Sunday, 7 April 2013


I really must stop this thinking malarkey! It might get me in trouble one day. Best just obey and agree with those who think they know what’s best for me and the country.

Now you know I’m kidding! But that seems to be what our Government leaders want us to all do. Bow, doff cap and humbly be ripped off.

It’s Sunday so I’ll be polite. Most Government ministers are so uneducated – not the same as being unschooled – that it is cringe worthy watching or listening to them.

The ignorance and obtuseness [is there such a word as obtuseness?] flows out of their mouths like hot syrup being poured onto porridge. It never ceases just keeps flowing. I feel like putting the ignoble peeps into a freezer – to stop the flow. Anything to stop the clap trap and balderdash coming out of their mouths.

Time for grown up men and woman to rule. Men and women of wisdom that is. Wisdom is lacking in Parliament, never mind the ignoramuses of government.

Any takers?

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