Sunday, 27 January 2013

Church Weddings.

Church weddings, increased fees and “extras” | Law & Religion UK: the cost of weddings has increased from £296 to £415, and that for funerals from £102 to £160, and although the new fees now include the costs of lighting and administration, they do not include other charges referred to as “extras”.
I have often thought "church" weddings and funerals were costly. But of course in truth it is all the "extras" that take up the cost. Heating [if applicable],  the services of a verger, music (e.g. organist, choir), bells, and flowers, which are fixed by the Parochial Church Council The Archbishops’ Council. But even these extras are nothing compared to the clothes and reception that some couples plan - into thousands sometimes.

Seriously, the commercialism and the staggering costs of clothes never to be worn again astounds me. Be simple. Do it for love, and faith if you are religious. Why start your married life in debt? 

Two questions I'd like to ask. Who do the non-believers want to get married in a church? Why do churches allow non-believers to get married in a church using the Bible and God as the modus operandi when the couple do not believe in God or Christ? Just wondered.

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