Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Time

Merry Christmas to One and All!

The Season to be filled with hope as Winter Solstice moves away and we look towards a New Year. A hope also of Peace through the Gospel of the Good News of Christ.

Which ever way you look at it it is a time of reflection and hope.

I do hope as always that people will be less concerned with their own consumption and consider others. Most people give generously to charities I know. Especially those who cannot afford to.

I do hope that our political leaders get a dose of salts and start shifting out honesty and truth, fairness and equity. So far my country the UK has had its belly full of fraudulent politicos who have the nerve to moan about those on benefits. The tax payer also pays the politicos!

I do hope that Israel looks past its oppression of Palestine [I can hope] and adhere to its book that relates to treating the alien fairly. In truth of course all said and done Palestine has as much right to their land as the Israelis. What a miracle of massive proportions if Israel could humble itself as its God desired. I know it takes two to tango.

Finally, I hope that our troops are withdrawn very soon from Afghanistan and that those countries start to rule themselves. Of course if oppressive backward regimes take over that would be a tragic and horrendous mistake. But the West is not the policeman. Yet. The West is not the Third Reich, yet, whose ambition is total control of countries run under the West's agenda.

So all in all I wish Peace to All, and indeed Goodwill to all men and women. Even the bad, wicked and evil ones in the hope that they may be changed. As I said, I can but HOPE.

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