Friday, 12 October 2012

Peace? Poverty? Help?

"According to the 2012 GPI, the world improved in
peacefulness for the first time since 2009. All regions
excluding the Middle East and North Africa saw an
improvement. Sub-Saharan Africa does not occupy the
bottom spot for the first time since the GPI was launched
in 2007."

Well, that's interesting. Times they are a changing - maybe.

Will the concept of peace ever be world wide? Not if power is the main ideology of the elite and or the rich [however they got to be rich - Daddies money, worked for it or stole it].

It is a nice thought to think the world could become more peaceful.

Two things need to happen. One free trade. Two the notion of respect of the other through the Golden Rule of treating others as you would want to be treated.

The latter does not mean we treat everybody the same, as in we behave in the same manner towards everyone regardless of who they are or where one is. A libertarian associate thought that is what the Golden Rule meant. We respect people as we would respect their property; more so in fact.

The former - free trade - is not about allowing corporations to run amok and take over the world - though a swift look at global companies and what they control and produce does seem to point that way. However, big and small can exist side by side without concessions and subsidies to falsify the production demand. Real free trade does not need government concessions or subsidies. It should exist via private finance, not tax money of any sort.

I was once asked did I consider to be my brothers keeper. The answer was and is YES. Why? Because to treat others as I would like to be treated means being aware of my neighbour, friend and family. I can not walk pass a homeless person whilst going to church or buy more shares, and ignore him at will. No one should. I know too many people do. Would our Western leaders do so? I fear yes having hear the latest from the Conservative Party Conference 2012, and Mitt Romney et al. I hope I am wrong.

The austerity brigade are frothing at the bit to keep bashing those with no power. That is the greatest sadness to me. It was not those on welfare that brought the banks costing billions to prop up was it? It was not those on welfare that committed fraud on their political expenses was it? It was not those on welfare who lied to the tax man was it?

It is those on welfare and low pay that go to the food banks which are increasing daily to help cope with the economic fallout of the austerity policies. Those with so called middle-incomes are finding the cut and grab austerity policies disturbing their getting by - just - life. The cost of human poverty will be the result to compare the austerity with the common-sense policies.

So yes - I am my brothers keeper.

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