Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lying Does Christ A Discredit


For example, websites run by Life claim that ‘Post Abortion Syndrome is now a recognised heath condition’ (false), that ‘there is some extremely strong evidence’ for a link between breast cancer and abortion (false) and that abortion leads to ‘increased suicide rates’(false).


This is a disgraceful way to behave. It does no one any good and makes a mockery of Christians who work hard to promote both Christian ethics and factual reality.

If so called Christians do not abide by truth and facts in such circumstances then they should Hang Their Heads in Shame:

Whatever a group’s ideological background, it is important that all the claims they present match up with the evidence. Education For Choice previously exposed SPUC making some of these claims four years ago, and nothing has changed since. When will SPUC stop spreading these untrue stories, and when will the government start properly scrutinising their activities, and the claims they are making in schools?


I find deceit an obnoxious form of behaviour. From the government to Christian activists and all in between may I suggest they all take a long close look at the misinformation they are peddling. Shame On You All.

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