Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Actions Speak louder Than Words

"Actions speaks louder than words".

As I say those words I look about me and think OMG. Politicians lie and cheat, newspaper journalists lie and make up stories regardless approved by their editors, religious leaders growl and point fingers, industrialists, financiers and business leaders adjust the books to profit themselves regardless of the human or environmental costs involved, always been so, and of course their opposites do likewise, television news covers murder in the next section gossip and banality, immorality, unethical behaviour and lack of integrity are seen as the way to behave.

So am I depressed or sad? No. Why not? Because the human race will continue in this way but not everyone will continue in this way, or is behaving in this way. In fact most decent folk are not behaving in this way. But we do not hear about the everyday decent folk do we? They don't make the headlines or gravitate to obnoxious self-debasement actions for a moment of celebrity status. They look after their families, friends, go to work and try the best they can. And they vote. So who do these decent folk vote for? If the political leaders are not to be trusted then what can decent folk do? The ordinary MPs are mainly decent people of course. But when they back their party leader regardless, to keep their position and because the Whip has demanded they do so, then where is their integrity when they know their political leaders are wrong? Sadly, they bow their heads like the Pharisees of old, they turn their back on the electorate that voted for them, and they walk furtively along and in line with their political master of their choice. Thank goodness though for the decent folk. They can vote for an odd party, or not at all, to show their disdain, their regret at lack of integrity shown by the so called elites. As I said, "Actions speak louder than words". Time for the decent folk to put their words into actions.

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