Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Year 2012

Well 2012x caught up with me. Belated "Happy New Year!"

Thanks to the blog "Gentle Wisdom", who promoted "God & Politics In The UK", I have been refreshed and vitalised to ponder Our Lords Word and Way again. Not so much 'back sliding' as disappointed and grief stricken by certain life - death sadly - outcomes. Doubt is good, despair and loss of faith, is not so good. 

Hopefully, blogs like Gentle Wisdom and God & Politics In The UK will enable me to find my trust and faith more fully again.

Let us take a lesson from the Queen's Speech and from the messages of hope that Christmas brought and was fulfilled at Easter. The birth, death and resurrection of our Lord, Christ Jesus.

May honesty, truth and fair play be in the minds and souls of our leaders, both secular and religious. May the notion of "people before profit" be taken up firmly and with truth along with the notion and understanding that our beloved planet earth does not have infinite resources and we ignore the rape and plunder of our 'home' at our peril.

Want, disease, squalor, ignorance  and idleness are slowly creeping back into western societies. When we ask what can the government, voluntary sector and the religious communities should do, maybe we should look into our own hearts and minds and see also what we can do; prayer is the first thing of course because via prayer we will be guided, though we might not like what is 'said' to us.

Most of all, a cessation of conflict, violence, terrorism and war would be the best Christmas gift and new year event to come about in 2012. Let us pray that this will come about, sooner, rather than later.

Once again, a belated New Year greetings to you all.

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