Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Time

Merry Christmas to One and All!

The Season to be filled with hope as Winter Solstice moves away and we look towards a New Year. A hope also of Peace through the Gospel of the Good News of Christ.

Which ever way you look at it it is a time of reflection and hope.

I do hope as always that people will be less concerned with their own consumption and consider others. Most people give generously to charities I know. Especially those who cannot afford to.

I do hope that our political leaders get a dose of salts and start shifting out honesty and truth, fairness and equity. So far my country the UK has had its belly full of fraudulent politicos who have the nerve to moan about those on benefits. The tax payer also pays the politicos!

I do hope that Israel looks past its oppression of Palestine [I can hope] and adhere to its book that relates to treating the alien fairly. In truth of course all said and done Palestine has as much right to their land as the Israelis. What a miracle of massive proportions if Israel could humble itself as its God desired. I know it takes two to tango.

Finally, I hope that our troops are withdrawn very soon from Afghanistan and that those countries start to rule themselves. Of course if oppressive backward regimes take over that would be a tragic and horrendous mistake. But the West is not the policeman. Yet. The West is not the Third Reich, yet, whose ambition is total control of countries run under the West's agenda.

So all in all I wish Peace to All, and indeed Goodwill to all men and women. Even the bad, wicked and evil ones in the hope that they may be changed. As I said, I can but HOPE.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Now the politicos are back to reality what is going to happen?

Will the poor and those in need be helped?

Will those who are sick and unable to work be helped?

Will our young men and women be helped to get jobs and places to live to become independent citizens?

Will health carers provide adequate and respectable health care?

Will the old be treated with due respect?

Will the money lenders rob the poor?

Will the Osborn and the Iain Duncan Smith impoverish and make homeless the sick and the disabled?

Will David Cameron put on an act, again and again, worthy of an Oscar, in pretending he cares about us ordinary folk?

Will Nick Clegg ever tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth? That applies to all those in power of course.

Will those who care get the funds they need to help those in need?

Will the British zeal for honesty, care and compassion be wiped out by the boys in power who really don't care?

Watch this space.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Peace? Poverty? Help?

"According to the 2012 GPI, the world improved in
peacefulness for the first time since 2009. All regions
excluding the Middle East and North Africa saw an
improvement. Sub-Saharan Africa does not occupy the
bottom spot for the first time since the GPI was launched
in 2007."

Well, that's interesting. Times they are a changing - maybe.

Will the concept of peace ever be world wide? Not if power is the main ideology of the elite and or the rich [however they got to be rich - Daddies money, worked for it or stole it].

It is a nice thought to think the world could become more peaceful.

Two things need to happen. One free trade. Two the notion of respect of the other through the Golden Rule of treating others as you would want to be treated.

The latter does not mean we treat everybody the same, as in we behave in the same manner towards everyone regardless of who they are or where one is. A libertarian associate thought that is what the Golden Rule meant. We respect people as we would respect their property; more so in fact.

The former - free trade - is not about allowing corporations to run amok and take over the world - though a swift look at global companies and what they control and produce does seem to point that way. However, big and small can exist side by side without concessions and subsidies to falsify the production demand. Real free trade does not need government concessions or subsidies. It should exist via private finance, not tax money of any sort.

I was once asked did I consider to be my brothers keeper. The answer was and is YES. Why? Because to treat others as I would like to be treated means being aware of my neighbour, friend and family. I can not walk pass a homeless person whilst going to church or buy more shares, and ignore him at will. No one should. I know too many people do. Would our Western leaders do so? I fear yes having hear the latest from the Conservative Party Conference 2012, and Mitt Romney et al. I hope I am wrong.

The austerity brigade are frothing at the bit to keep bashing those with no power. That is the greatest sadness to me. It was not those on welfare that brought the banks costing billions to prop up was it? It was not those on welfare that committed fraud on their political expenses was it? It was not those on welfare who lied to the tax man was it?

It is those on welfare and low pay that go to the food banks which are increasing daily to help cope with the economic fallout of the austerity policies. Those with so called middle-incomes are finding the cut and grab austerity policies disturbing their getting by - just - life. The cost of human poverty will be the result to compare the austerity with the common-sense policies.

So yes - I am my brothers keeper.

Friday, 1 June 2012


The abomination of the murdering of children in Syria hit me hard. I have little ones in my family. I am sure most of you do too. It was and is sickening to the core for me to see the photos of the murdered little ones. All murder is evil. More so when it is against little ones who are defenceless – and innocent, as now doubt the adults who were murdered along with them. To me these acts, this act, is evil personified. Please don’t look away – access this site and sign their petition. Be aware the pictures are distressing. We need to be distressed for our spirits/souls to roar with anger, grief and love for the little ones. Evil personified. Blessed be the children. Amen.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lying Does Christ A Discredit


For example, websites run by Life claim that ‘Post Abortion Syndrome is now a recognised heath condition’ (false), that ‘there is some extremely strong evidence’ for a link between breast cancer and abortion (false) and that abortion leads to ‘increased suicide rates’(false).

This is a disgraceful way to behave. It does no one any good and makes a mockery of Christians who work hard to promote both Christian ethics and factual reality.

If so called Christians do not abide by truth and facts in such circumstances then they should Hang Their Heads in Shame:

Whatever a group’s ideological background, it is important that all the claims they present match up with the evidence. Education For Choice previously exposed SPUC making some of these claims four years ago, and nothing has changed since. When will SPUC stop spreading these untrue stories, and when will the government start properly scrutinising their activities, and the claims they are making in schools?

I find deceit an obnoxious form of behaviour. From the government to Christian activists and all in between may I suggest they all take a long close look at the misinformation they are peddling. Shame On You All.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

It  sounds logical and tempting to believe. But it is begging the question. The two are not equal - Greek myths were known to be myths - the Biblical has more historical facts to render it to serious study and proposition of belief than the other. To plop them both together is a typical atheistic foible. Instead of reading and learning the atheists just spill out the same fallacy of begging the question, circular argument, wrong premises, and, if that does not work, you'll get the odd ad hominem thrown in for good measure. Some Christians do that as well - sigh.

But that's okay. Debate is important. But most atheists, not all, that I've met don't want to look at history, archaeological, or socio-political for anything regarding the Bible. Talk about me being a closed mind - which I don't think exists by the by. Atheists say that as a believer I must have a closed mind; pot-kettle-black comes to mind. 

On the website there are Five Fallacies that atheists hold:

1) The genetic fallacy: The genetic fallacy is that lapse in logic whereby one seeks to discredit some belief or belief system but pointing out that it’s origins are suspect.

2) Jargonizing. Even in the “more sophisticated” atheist works, there is a tendency to replace argument with, basically, name calling. Therefore, faith is “irrational” and “antiquated”, religious belief “mythology” or “fairy tales” etc. Very rarely are these words given definitions (probably because, definitionally, e.g., religious beliefs and fairy tales can’t be equated), and even more rarely is a case made for why these different terms are synonymous. Instead, the words are thrown around carelessly in order to taint the associations one has with religion and faith.

3) Invocation of science. Like (2), this tactic really has no rational grounding, but it’s popular none the less. Atheists make different claims about science, but they all have a semi-magical quality to them, as if merely invoking science vindicates whatever claim you happen to be making. Some claims are: “I can’t believe in God, because science/evolution has disproved Him” (which is nonsense), or “Science can explain everything” (which is a philosophical, not scientific statement), or “Now that we have science, we don’t need religion anymore”, or “There is no scientific evidence for God’s existence, so he doesn’t exist.” All of these kinds of claims forget that science is a particular academic discipline among many others, and a particular way of getting knowledge about the world. 

4)Secondary causation absolutism. A popular historical narrative among atheists, as mentioned above, is that humans invented religion to explain the world, and science (being based in fact and reason, unlike religion) has gradually taken over this explanatory role. Implicit in this narrative is the idea that once we have explained the natural cause of something, we have eliminated the need for God as an explanatory hypothesis. 

5)The fallacy of the unattainable office. We at the Apologia made up the name for this fallacy, because we noticed that a very common atheistic fallacy lacked a name. This fallacy refers to the claims made up atheists that God doesn’t exist because if he did exist, he would have done things differently. So Dawkins claims that God can’t exist because if He did, He would have made fewer species. Goldstein says God can’t exist because if He did, there would be less suffering in the world. The problem with all these claims is that they assume basically that if God existed, he would create the world exactly as atheists would create the world if they were God. Of course, there’s no good logical reason for thinking that. 

Still, as Thomas Merton said: 
In the last analysis, the individual person is responsible for living his own life and for "finding himself." If he persists in shifting his responsibility to somebody else, he fails to find out the meaning of his own existence.  "No Man Is An Island" - Thomas Merton
If one wants to disbelieve then one can and visa versa. My responsibility of how I live my life is Christian orientated, a touch of Zen and a following of St Benedict. If the world or rather if the people of the world were to hold onto this:

Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
" Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes the freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. "


"As long as people use tactics to oppress or restrict other people from being free, there is work to be done."

Then things might be a bit less antagonistic and debate and interaction could take place - it does it lots of places between believers and non-believers with people acting out for those in poverty or oppression. We will never know the truth till we die. In between then I would dearly love more debate, more tolerance, but less acceptance of the bad actions by whoever, and a move towards a more social living rather than an individual grabbing, name calling and sheer pigheadedness.

One can but hope...And I always have HOPE.

I am a Christian is because of the evidence; I have read extensively on philosophy and mythology as well as socio-political writings and historical writings. 

I am a Christian is the impact Christianity has had on the world; "How Christianity Changed The World".

I am a Christian is through my my own experience of Christ, Jesus [Yeshua] and through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

I do not consider myself a superstitious person, an ignoramous, nor am I a person lacking in guile or intelligence. We are free to believe what affects our senses and knowledge. What we experience and the logical conclusion of that experience. As long as we are free to do that then life for most if not all people will be good. When we are not free to do that and impose our belief system on others to impede their life then we are really just despotic ne'er-do-wells afraid of difference and diversity. Christ, Jesus did not impose or insist his disciples impose, his teaching upon others. They were free to believe or not. Institutionalised Christianity has done much good but by the very nature of being institutionalised it has depleted the message of Christ, Jesus and submerged it in a power-base of hierarchical authoritian leaders, if not rulers. This has done much injustice and violence to both the person of Christ, Jesus and the message he proclaimed. That does not mean we should throw Jesus out with the 'institutionalised church' - Catholic or Protestant, It does mean that we need to think carefully what 'Rabbi Yeshua-ben- Yosef' said and reflect on what he did.

That is why I am a Christian.

Shalom, Peace & Salaam

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Actions Speak louder Than Words

"Actions speaks louder than words".

As I say those words I look about me and think OMG. Politicians lie and cheat, newspaper journalists lie and make up stories regardless approved by their editors, religious leaders growl and point fingers, industrialists, financiers and business leaders adjust the books to profit themselves regardless of the human or environmental costs involved, always been so, and of course their opposites do likewise, television news covers murder in the next section gossip and banality, immorality, unethical behaviour and lack of integrity are seen as the way to behave.

So am I depressed or sad? No. Why not? Because the human race will continue in this way but not everyone will continue in this way, or is behaving in this way. In fact most decent folk are not behaving in this way. But we do not hear about the everyday decent folk do we? They don't make the headlines or gravitate to obnoxious self-debasement actions for a moment of celebrity status. They look after their families, friends, go to work and try the best they can. And they vote. So who do these decent folk vote for? If the political leaders are not to be trusted then what can decent folk do? The ordinary MPs are mainly decent people of course. But when they back their party leader regardless, to keep their position and because the Whip has demanded they do so, then where is their integrity when they know their political leaders are wrong? Sadly, they bow their heads like the Pharisees of old, they turn their back on the electorate that voted for them, and they walk furtively along and in line with their political master of their choice. Thank goodness though for the decent folk. They can vote for an odd party, or not at all, to show their disdain, their regret at lack of integrity shown by the so called elites. As I said, "Actions speak louder than words". Time for the decent folk to put their words into actions.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Year 2012

Well 2012x caught up with me. Belated "Happy New Year!"

Thanks to the blog "Gentle Wisdom", who promoted "God & Politics In The UK", I have been refreshed and vitalised to ponder Our Lords Word and Way again. Not so much 'back sliding' as disappointed and grief stricken by certain life - death sadly - outcomes. Doubt is good, despair and loss of faith, is not so good. 

Hopefully, blogs like Gentle Wisdom and God & Politics In The UK will enable me to find my trust and faith more fully again.

Let us take a lesson from the Queen's Speech and from the messages of hope that Christmas brought and was fulfilled at Easter. The birth, death and resurrection of our Lord, Christ Jesus.

May honesty, truth and fair play be in the minds and souls of our leaders, both secular and religious. May the notion of "people before profit" be taken up firmly and with truth along with the notion and understanding that our beloved planet earth does not have infinite resources and we ignore the rape and plunder of our 'home' at our peril.

Want, disease, squalor, ignorance  and idleness are slowly creeping back into western societies. When we ask what can the government, voluntary sector and the religious communities should do, maybe we should look into our own hearts and minds and see also what we can do; prayer is the first thing of course because via prayer we will be guided, though we might not like what is 'said' to us.

Most of all, a cessation of conflict, violence, terrorism and war would be the best Christmas gift and new year event to come about in 2012. Let us pray that this will come about, sooner, rather than later.

Once again, a belated New Year greetings to you all.