Tuesday, 7 June 2011

June My Goodness half way through the year.

Flaming June, well not yet, April and May were lovely with sunshine till May Bank Holiday, then guess what...

Been busy doing nothing much, interacting with political ideologies and philosophies. The notion that the state is bad for us as it impinges on our freedom vs the notion that the state prevents the abuse of our freedom, by use of of prejudices against others, by setting up equality and anti-discrimination rules and laws. In an ideal world we would not need such laws, in the Libertarian philosophy of we do not coerce anybody and all work nicely with each other, having nice voluntary agreements as to whom we should discriminate against and do business with or associate with, like good consumerists and profiteers that we are known to be, all would be well. Human nature has yet to prove that one totally right. A utopian an ideal as could be. The premise of Jesus, to treat others as you would want to be treated, would also prevent the need for equality and anti-discrimination laws. Sadly most of us are selfish and cannot be trusted all  of the time to deal straight and fair. We are as they say. being human.

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