Friday, 1 April 2011

Fasting for Common Sense To Prevail

The purpose of this fast is to focus us on those who go without adequate supplies of food, health care, or education on a daily basis, and I pray that this fast helps us prioritize our lives and budgets differently.

“Markets don't work in the way they are supposed to unless there are some well-enforced rules."

-- Elizabeth Warren, in charge of establishing the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, speaking to the Chamber of Commerce. (Source: New York Times)

If we need government cuts then it has to be balanced so that the low waged, poor and those in poverty – want, disease, squalor, ignorance and jobless – do not take the brunt of the cuts. Social programmes run by the government have to be maintained at a humane and compassionate level. If we fail in this we have failed to be human, we are acting on our base innate primordial nature. We should be ashamed of ourselves if we act this way. We ALL should be above that.

If someone like Sir Norman Tebbit is worried about the cuts and changes to the NHS for instance then we should be concerned all is not right with our political leaders.

Cuts or budget revisions within the social sector and other government agencies will be something the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will long be remembered for. They had to take up the so called “poison chalice” from Labour, who now pretend they are the good guys looking after public interests, knowing that they continued the social service provisions descent from day one of Tony Blair. The Conservatives before that. If a government abdicates its responsibility to the less fortunate or disfranchised members of society it is not worth my respect or my vote. But then I did not vote for this government.

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