Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The End of The Fasting & Prayer

Sojourners fasted and prayed for Congress to be compassionate in their understanding of cutting or removing aid from the less fortunate and disenfranchised citizens of its country. Sadly the cuts were still very harsh and the removal of certain aid will lead to great distress and misery for those who have little by way of wealth power and status. The same could happen in the UK under the Conservative and Liberal Democratic Party coalition. When money is god then common-sense of reality goes out of mind. It is not that these are evil men and women, just that society has become bowed down at the alter of money. Money is a means not an end in itself. As gold was a means not an end in itself. Governments will always be in debt because bills always have to be paid. Certain bills of provision are needed and to cut them or remove those provisions is not realistic but folly of the highest degree. Sadly, as long as man bows at the alter of money, or thinks he is the emperor in fine new clothes that only he can see - the rest see him as a naked beast frolicking about in the wilderness - then the folly of misinformed and dis-informed leaders will be the blight on the peoples. Shame on them.

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