Friday, 25 March 2011

The Newness of the Old

I very much enjoy watching Poirot, Miss Marple and any of the Ealing black and white films; and of course a lot of the American black and white films and dramas like the “The Thin Man” and “Dragnet”.

There is a gentleness and genteelness about the past – which of course is sheer nostalgia and not a truism – which lends itself to calm. It would be nice to think that those looking back on the current genre of dramas and films will have the same nostalgia of feeling of enjoyment, though there has been an increase in violence for the sake of titillation rather than adding a meaning to the story.


The screening and promoting of such violence and dysfunction in society is tempered by the deliberate moral guide underlying the storyline – obviously not all dramas and films such as the soaps where the the only moral of the story is vicious bullying and irresponsible sex and alcoholism is the order of the day, indeed there are societal issues that are brought in to challenge or make people aware, but…

I used to believe that the media did not influence people who were well balanced and were capable of knowing pretend from real. The spate of gang-crime and irresponsible behaviour towards the older generation and other peoples property has challenged my thoughts on this matter. It is said that “you are what you eat”. I content that you can also “become what you watch”. Especially if the moral of the story is lost or missing through the sheer obscenity or violence within the film or drama: Steven Seagal films which I used to like have just got insanely more violent and pointless violence at that. Seagal used to make films with action and a moral point, Under Siege I loved for instance, good guys win with skill and integrity, lurking all the way through – the good guy was not a s*&%e head like the bad guy. Now they are all s*&%e heads. Shame. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger did not bottle that low. I know that actors are famed for their genre, but…come on violence has become like pornography, sick, disgusting and useless acting. And before you say that’s real life, it is indeed, but no one has such nonsense 24/7, unless they are sadly very very sick.

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