Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Lunatics Are Back In Power! Who You Gonna Call?!

This could be the Coalition Governments Poll Tax says Dr Kailash Chand OBE is a GP and chairs Tameside and Glossop NHS [The Guardian, Joe Public Blog] Before we blame the Dave & Nick Show it was:


  • “The idea that competition breeds excellence and market forces make everything more efficient is a myth anyway. Two successive governments have now shown that simulating a market ethos in the NHS might bring blips of success, but it carries the potentially fatal consequence of producing erratic behaviour from otherwise sensible people.”


  • “Competition between hospitals on price, and all hospitals having to "liberate" themselves from what he sees as the dead hand of state control. As Milburn says in Polly Toynbee's column today: "'Any willing provider' means anyone can set up shop and steal easy patients: the result will be anarchy. What a naive assumption that you can leave everything to the market. Price competition changes everything."

So boys and girls, “Who You Gonna Call?!”

Is Labour so different? After all it was pushing the Welfare State into private hands, even if those hands were tied a bit.

Reading the Guardian, see links, you have to say, “The Lunatics Are Back!”. The Dave & Nick Show, tickets only at £100,000 a piece if you don’t mind, and did you go to the right schools, hob-knobbed with the right ‘class’? Oh goodie come on in, have you met…?”

That is one reason I am voting Yes

BSD_yes_btn_a3Poster for

 england-flag-03 and for myself.

Time to shake some power from the Etonian & Etonian Wannabe Boys before we all get sucked into the Underclass as described by Frank Field, who “identified four forces of expulsion as having created an ‘underclass’, separated from the rest
of society ‘in terms of income, life chances and political aspirations’.”

  • unemployment
  • widening class differences
  • the exclusion of the very poorest from
    rapidly rising living standards
  • and a hardening of public

So as I asked, “WHO YOU GONNA CALL?!”

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