Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Change Of Scenery

Thought I would cheer my blogger blog site up and use a new template. Thank you peeps for providing such nice free templates.

Were are we now in the 21 C? Still have poverty and inequality of wealth. Millions are dying of starvation, thirst, disease through the corruptive governments and indiscriminate marketers.

The privatisation by outsourcing the UK social welfare, cuts, cuts, and even more cuts being the mantra of the day. There was a reason welfare systems came about – something to do with not only for those who could afford it?

UK troops are still deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as Africa, Brunei, Canada, Cypress, Germany, Gibraltar and the South Atlantic Islands. Is it not time to let those countries get on with their own lives? Of course our troops have helped them, especially Iraq and Afghanistan, to build better infrastructures, hospitals, schools, and have helped to ‘keep the peace’, time to move out now.

Obama has not proved to be a president of great worth, I predict he will not get elected for another term. The Republicans will get in, not sure under whom though, take a look at The Contenders. Though I am a Brit I would like to see any of these three get in:

  • David Petraeus
  • Bobby Jindal
  • Jed Bush

As an outsider I’d like to see take a step is Ron Paul as his views are very different – Libertarian.

Why not the darlin’ of the Tea Party club, on theirs and hers good days, Sarah Palin? She seems the least trust worthy of the lot to me. But I will keep on watching and learning more about the TP RW Woman.

So what about the Dave & Nick Show – who would I like to see replace the Posh Toffs – I’m not sure really they are all pretty measly. No Thatcher or Baldwin amongst them. I look at Labour and to be honest think, so what. Liberal Democrats, you’re having a laff, Conservatives, well, to be truthful I just do not trust them. Lets see what happens further down the road…

Just out of interest I wonder who my USA choices would align themselves to if they were British – would they automatically veer toward the Blues?

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