Thursday, 27 January 2011


Victory for Margaret Forrester, a Christian mental health worker who was told today that she would be restored to work and even offered a better job, following her suspension for expressing her private views on abortion to colleagues.

Margaret Forrester was suspended by her NHS employers after she mentioned privately to colleagues her concerns about the information women were given prior to having an abortion. She shared with colleagues, not members of the public, a booklet containing stories of women who have struggled with post-abortion syndrome in order that they might have the full picture when advising women discussing their unexpected pregnancy.

Soon afterwards, Ms Forrester was suspended from work for 'distributing materials some people may find offensive'. Today, after the intervention of the Christian Legal Centre, she has been offered, and accepted, an even better position at another location.

At last common sense can prevails – the woman was suspended for 'distributing materials some people may find offensive', please grow up people. Both secularists and Christians will be faced sometime in their lives with something they find offensive; the truth can hurt and can be offensive to some peoples sensibilities and ideologies. For goodness sake, both groups, religious and secular, grow up.

The Law is preventing people from saying what they think about a certain issue, rightly or wrongly, the State is not and should not, take on the role of making sure people sensibilities are not hurt. We are adults now and it is time to behave like adults and not cry those nasty people are hurting my feelings. Feelings will get hurt – but better to debate, hopefully with facts and not just with ideologies, than to supress information or even a different way of thinking about an issue.

We have got to move away from the notion of “it might offend…”. It might but that’s life. Get over it.

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