Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Message

Well the Queen gives one LOL

In remembering our troops, the other countries troops as well who are working with us, who have been killed in action, it is important to remember that the other side are human too, with family and loved ones who will be sitting at tables looking at an empty chair.  They do not celebrate Christmas but they do have meals together for their special occasions.  They too might think their loved ones died for a cause. 

I am not asking you to condone the terrorists, though they too feel they are doing their duty for their country, I am asking you to spare a thought for their babies, children, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers - the list could go on, as it does for our troops who have died - who have been left behind.

The terrorists use violence and underhand cowardly tactics to injure, maim and kill.  Not just OUR troops but the local armed forces, police, ambulance, fire crews and innocent civilians.  Their bombs and other weapons kill indiscriminately - babies, children, families - who are caught up in the conflict.  Our bombs and weapons sadly kill indiscriminately too.  Not all the people we kill are terrorists or bad guys even.  That is war.  Modern warfare targets people, not just those on the battle field, but areas where civilians live and work.  Think of the difference between World War 1 and World War II.  Yes civilians got caught up in WW1 but it was WWII that had the aims of targeting civilian populated areas.  To demoralize the population.  It was not all about ammunition depots and railway lines.  Sad but true.  War means people, armed forces and civilians are going to die. Remember the resistance was seen as terrorists by the German Government.

So in remembering our troops who have been killed, let us remember those other people such as the police, ambulance men and women, firemen and women, who have been caught up in the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, who have been killed too; our troops are working with them.  They all suffer.  Their loved ones are suffering too. 

In remembering our loved ones, our heroes, I am going to ask you to also spare a thought for the families of those terrorists who have been killed and who are also grieving; the terrorist are wrong, we believe they are wrong, they think they are right, that is always the case in conflict.  It is their loved ones left behind that I am asking you to spare a thought for. They may well have backed the terrorist, the same as we back our troops; we think they are wrong to do so, they think we are wrong to back our troops against them. That will not change. But how we think can help towards change in the end.

We will always have fighting, that is human nature.  But let us not pretend that suffering is all one sided, and remember that families of both sides have great grief and heartbreak. So this Christmas, when we think of those families sitting of our troops sitting looking at an empty chair, let us remember there are ‘other’ families sitting looking at an empty chair as well.


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