Thursday, 18 November 2010

Persecuted for being a Christian

Not in this country – so far.  But throughout the world people are being persecuted for being Christians.  As true as this is a lot of the persecution comes from jealousy, ignorance, fear and loathing of that person.  Them being a Christian is a way to ‘get’ at them.

Villages and towns in those countries that allow persecution have a small mind mentality.  They live in incestrial, as in ‘close’ and ‘insular’, communities that allow an unchallenged sentimental intellect , if not ignorance, to develop and ‘fester’.  Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that someone is a Christian but everything to do with the ‘communities’ power and status structure, not just from the male side but from the female side as well, who see the freedom of a female Christian, in a totally male dominated society, and want it, they cannot have it without change, they have to stand out against the male dominance, so they do the only thing they can, which is attack what they cannot have.  The men are the same, they need to keep their power base.  Institutionalised religion is obsessed with power, and fear the loss of it.  Ignorant people always attack what they are afraid of, be it the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims or the homosexuals, the women, the ‘other’!

Yes indeed Islam and Judaism were, are progenitors of hate as were and are some Christians.  Yes indeed are some Hindi’s and Buddhists progenitors of intolerance and in some cases hate.  But one way to be powerful, and the only way for some men and women to feel powerful and in control is to attack ‘the other’.  To ensure the ‘other’ does not rock the perceived status quo of said community or even country.  And in this case the other is the Christian.

Those in control of their fate, in true harmony with their belief do not need to attack, to find scape goats to hate.  They are not afraid of the other because they have total faith in their own belief.  The other will dissipate over time.  The other is not a threat.

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  1. Never thought of it like that.
    In truth nothing to do with sticking up for their belief, after all their god or prophet can cope with a human comment of so called insubordination or so deemed heretical remark.
    Power base threatened - yes I get that.


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