Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Cuts

We are going through difficult times now days. Were there any times that were not difficult?

The government has introduced draconian cuts to welfare benefits in order to cut the national debt. I hope they are taking cuts in their benefits as well. If the over paid inefficient and ineffective bankers, industrialists and business people were made to pay back into society their excesses and bonuses, not really earned boys and girls, you got bailed out by ‘our’ money, then gave yourself a bonus, you greedy selfish immoral people, then the national debt would be halved or wiped out!

But hey that’s life, the robber barons of the past are still here in the present and will be taking from the ordinary working folk in the future. Hey Dave and Nick, new name for you, The Baron Boys of London Town.

Of course not all the welfare cuts are draconian in nature. The need for people to work to pay taxes to pay for pensions, welfare benefits and the social amenities that make the UK what it is, it critical. Without those taxes coming in we will not have any social or state benefits to pay out to people.

There has always been in place penalties to be applied for non-compliant of employment related activities. They have just not been enforced where they could or should have been. A lack of efficiency on behalf of the Job Centre staff. Or they were, are, just too overwhelmed by numbers to enforce ‘discipline’ or ‘penalties’. The number of decent people who took their proof of job search to such centres and just had the information ignored, well people what would you do? It has not changed since the revamping and outsourcing of the Job Centre programmes.

The question has to be asked to people who have been out of work for decades, is why? Most people out of work for so long are out of the work ethic mode, some are looking at a too high a wage and job related realism. Been there, done that. Sadly the crisis could lead to a US style imposition of working for your benefit by being ‘put’ into a job regardless of your ability or aptitude for that job. Bums in jobs; makes a change from bums on pews.

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