Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Talking and Listening 2

In ‘Why Bother with Theology’, Alex Wright makes a point that both the institutional and evangelical Church should listen more because “…theologians seem reluctant to acknowledge legitimacy and truth other than where it was found in biblical authority, canon law and Church doctrine.  The consequences are that theology can often seem out of touch as the social and sexual morality of church leaders.  Those church officers are left without precisely the resources that they need in order to make sense of society today, with the still further ramifications that nobody cares or in fact knows about what Christianity may have to contribute to the constructive ordering of our world.”  (Wright, p15, 2002)

There is much to be said for Wrights comment, but it is also important that theologians do become so secular minded that they lose sight of the message of the Bible.

The message is not nice and easy to listen to.  The message questions our ways and asks us to look and listen to find out what God’s way is.   Of course those outside the Biblical teachings may not wish to heed the Message or the Word.  H0wever even those not wishing to heed the Word they have to accept that the Biblical scriptures have moulded the western world through the application of its laws and moral codes of behaviour.  All are affected and effected by the Bible.

But it is not the only source of information, and both sides have to listen as well as talk.

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