Saturday, 18 September 2010


I found this site for info about Halloween and thought it was pretty good.  It comes from the Woodlands Junior School site which is always very interesting, I used it a lot for information on the church newsletter I used to produce.

Must say that Halloween is more of an American phenomenon, but we Brits have taken it on board big time.  Ghosts and stuff well, what ever rocks your boat, remember that there are goodies and baddies in the 'other world'. 

I personally believe in Angels and Spirits, or ghosts if you like, so I do not meddle in the super-natural, my religion says it is a dangerous thing, and that I should not be tempted to take part in such activities; I believe that if you are not careful you could end up in a situation that is well beyond your control, another debate for another day.

So is Halloween just harmless fun?  Is it pagan and satanic as some people claim?  Apparently not according to this site, I guess it depends on what you believe and how you use the tradition. 

Personally I would stress the fun side and the fact that if you want real spooky things then how about Jesus raising from the dead and wandering around for forty days, appearing out of the blue and eating with people?  Beats Halloween spookiness for me :)

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