Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Cuts Will Hurt

Of course the benefit cuts will hurt - cuts hurt. It is just the ToryLdems only see working class cuts as the way forward. Cuts to tax waste and high paid pseudo managers and specialists would save a whole lot more money for the country. Sadly they are all part of the ToryLdems little club. You thought Tory Blair and his side-kick money-grabbing frauds were bad, you "aint seen nothin yet"!

Just transfer this to the Welfare principle:

Like all short term money saving the workers get kicked out first. Quick and easy way to decrease your spending. See who is the easiest target to hit to save a quick buck - unemployed and the sick.

Then you cut corners in the Health and Safety or the Quality Standards. Then you up the mangers pay because he came up with the idea. Make sure the unemployed and the sick can't get back at you with support and help or extra money. Increase the private sectors input and reward with money taken, sorry, saved, by and  from slashing the benefits of others.

Then you cut some more staff to pay for his bonus. Good managers are hard to find you say. Indeed they are, even more so if there is no one to manage or an  industry to run because the workers are all unemployed - with minimum benefits if they are lucky - and industry has stopped providing and or producing goods or utilities. Keep taking from the unemployed and the sick so that jobs are taken out of fear and absolute need - killing off the weak and disenfranchising the poor from social improvements. Ensuring that once again the wonderful Victorian principles of sweatshop and child labour, with no minimum wage or health and pension benefits being available for the nasty working class; and the growing number of middle class that are now unemployed and need welfare. Get a job why don't they?

Industry can not afford to put profit back into their businesses because there is none, it's gone to the really good manager who slashed the workforce, cut the reinvestment, well actually it got reinvested it into his bonus payment, but now he has walked out of the job because it was not paying enough for his skills.  There are no businesses and industry relies upon third world sweatshops for its commodities and staff - cheaper than British sweatshops - but even they are closing down as industry collapses. No one to buy the products because no one is working thus they have no money to spend.

Yes in-deedy good managers and politicians are hard to find.
Oh to be in England now that Summer's here - yo mad dogs and ToryLdem men are out in the noonday sun!

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