Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Coalition Government?

And I thought it was a coalition government!

Seems like Nick has signed up to be a true blue Tory. Shame. I thought he was better than that.

So we really really do have a Conservative government in power. Can the Lib Dems stop pretending now. They cannot match their manifesto pledges by sharing the power [who is actually ‘sharing’ the power] with the Tories. The Dave and Nick Show will be an interesting series - wonder if it'll run it's scheduled five year course?

For those of you who are on benefit or low pay or hope your children will get to a good decent school - the way the Dave and Nick [what happened to your pledge about Academy schools?] Show see it, if you can't afford a good one, or if a wonderful, super, splendid, fantastic, jolly good Academy school is not for you then gosh - TOUGH old bean.

A chat between ‘The Boys”:

Dave: "I went to Eton don't cha know..."

Nick: "Oh really wow, I went to Cambridge...

Dave and Nick in unison [no not UNISON the union]: "Us boys really ought to stick together. Damn right old bean. Underclass - what underclass? Don't know anyone from the Underclass - is that a school in the East End or, both shudder, up North somewhere?"

I could be wrong about the boys. But I don't think so. Come back Maggie all is forgiven, at least we knew you were a Tory and you did not try to pretend you cared about the normal working, state schooled, NHS reliant, people! UNDERCLASS? What underclass?

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