Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Are You Ready?

The opening of Parliament went well. Most of what was proposed I actually agree with. My concern is that the ordinary folks will not really have a choice in educational, health, work and career choices. They will have to take what’s been creamed off by the have’s.
I like choices and options to pay for and participate in civil society. However, and it is a big however, the fact is that allowing Academy Schools, Faith Schools (and Religious groups for that matter) to have charity status is un-libertarian. They should be made to compete in the real world of market economy and global capitalism, of private donations and voluntary labour. There should be no subsidies for business, industry or commerce; nor for private schools – includes Academies – or private health care. If they are to be private then they must fend for themselves with the capital acquired by their sponsors' – not government or local or council authority, as they should be providing at least a modicum of minimum services to their constituents.
So we will have a two-tier system, as was before the great welfare reforms, with private insurance/assurance companies and health groups collecting weekly or monthly payments from the average working family, because, believe me, the average working family will not be able to afford Academy schooling for their children, outsourced health care and access to the means to share in the wealth and consumerism of the ‘privateers’ of the nation.

FRANK FIELD history of the welfare state.

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