Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The True Christian?

The recent hallaballoo of the B&B owned by a Christian couple [the Wilkinson's] who failed to honour the booking of a gay couple [Mr. Black and Mr. Morgan] has led to a spate of debates. The Christian couple are breaking the UK law, the gay couple are thinking of taking up a civil law suit on the grounds of discrimination. In reality it should be a criminal law suit, but hey...

So what did Jesus do? He slept in and ate in houses that were occupied by 'outsiders' - prostitutes, extortionists - tax collectors, and other unsavoury characters that the religious majority considered sinners. Can't see Jesus turning away anybody from his B&B. Heck, his welcome and compassion and love would be amazing. Yey, who knows his sinful guests, well that is why the Wilkinson's turned away Black and Morgan [I hope they turned away sinful co-habiting couples as well, in order to be consistent in their faith], might well have become Christians. And as Christians are called to 'convert' the Wilkinson's failed dismally by not even being hospitable in a 'Good Samaritan' kind of way - Black and Morgan were without somewhere to stay for the night because of their action. OK so they found some where else but...

And finally I am a Gay Christian - I know - but I would be expected to obey the law if I were a B&B owner. So no discrimination. However if I see an advertisement for a B&B that says Christian or Gay then if it was the only one in the area I would ask if I was welcome. I know I, as a Gay person should be welcome, and as a Christian I should be welcome, or at least not discriminated against. But reality being what it is...The Wilkinson's and those with the same feeling tyowards certain people should state that they are a Christian B&B, same as Gay owners do so because they run their business on that premise. Just my point of view.

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