Friday, 30 April 2010

Bored Now!

OK so the 2010 General Election is only days away but now I’m bored. Nothing new with the terrible two and the terrible third is sitting on the fence to see which one he’ll hold hands with if there is a hung parliament. By saying that he’ll be prepared to sit with the Cons or Lab means he does not differ much between the two. So why vote for someone who’s not that different! Status quo yet again; there I was hoping for some real parliamentary change. Wonder how many seats UKIP or the BNP will get? I can not believe I am saying that in the UK. A nationalist party with fascist overtones and a fascist party with nationalist overtones. It had to happen. I blame Maggie and her protégé ‘Tory’ Blair – they have made the UK less responsive to what really matters to the people. The Blairites were so busy looking after themselves and their  cronies they forgot about those who have had to pay the brunt of the spin and bollox and sheer hypocrisy of this government. We can moan at Brown, but Blair was the instigator, or was Alastair Campbell the one in charge? Back to the drawing board. Dagnabit.

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