Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Oh To Be In England – To Vote Out The Two Party Circus

The election is coming, the election is coming, what can we do, sleaze and fraud is committed by all!

The right to be different is not on the cards as extreme views of hatred would send those who are different up onto Mars.

The country is trying the best that it can as workers are made jobless to carry the can for incompetent mangers and greedy self-satisfied management man.

The fascists are rousing the dogs from their sleep, the fanatics of religious thought strut down their streets – encouraging ignorance and bigotry too, to be spread not just in England, but in other countries too.

The choices are stark and none can claim truth, but where is the honesty fuelled from our youth? The past is our history, lets lets learn from it please, stop going in circles like the winds and the breeze.

We need to be bold we need to be true, we need to face seriously by whom we are ruled.

‘Tis no time for timid abstain, or petty ignorance, from wherever it came, ‘tis the time to say, in an old Jewish vey, Enough Already, Enough We Say!

Jan Noelle PP.

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