Saturday, 6 March 2010

Equality and Christian Morals and Ethics


So here we go again! The Pope criticises the Equality Bill. Well bless him, he is entitled to his own opinion. Trouble is he is the infallible leader of the Roman Catholic Church so what he says as Pope, Father, has to be obeyed by his children. However, as he has said, he had to belong to the Hitler Youth as a fourteen year old otherwise he could not have continued with his seminary studies, but he did not believe in it or obey it’s doctrine. I guess many Catholics live their Catholicism the same way – in spite of the Papal shenanigans - they live their life through their Christian belief. The Pope may have decided that Nazism was wrong but not totalitarian in and of itself. After all the Pope rules right? See links for info: & & See this link for info. on the Pope and Hitler Youth Sieg Heil!

The Pope would sign away Jewish, Muslim, Atheist as well as LBGT rights if he could, and find a way of saying that it was all to do with ‘Natural Law’, heterosexual versus homosexual, you should only have sex to produce babies, and of course only through church ordained wedlock, and through the implication of the Scriptures; God hates everyone but the Catholics. and only those Catholics that obey the Pope, which they should be doing anyway, right? I’m with Richard Dawkin here, though he was talking about the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests, the last part of Dawkin’s comment is worth thinking about as I believe there is no excuse for ignorance and stupidity and the abolition of human equality rights in the name of ones faith or belief: "Horrible as sexual abuse no doubt was, the damage was arguably less than the long-term psychological damage inflicted by bringing the child up Catholic in the first place." Faith without reason is faith with no meaning. I understand though that for many reasons men and women, Christian or not, cannot understand homosexuality and through their reasoning and or faith believe it should be banned; as it was in the UK before 1967* and as it is in some countries where it is not only a criminal, never mind religious, offense but the penalty could be death.

No doubt there will be more on this issue as time moves on which is why I believe the State should be separate from the Church, or any religious faction. Someone once asked, in an American situation, would an atheist (as if an atheist is automatically liberal as well as secular minded)  be elected President (and in the UK an overt atheist Prime Minister)? If an atheist was a good and responsible politician that could run the country, with the help from the other elected delegates (ministers of parliament in the UK) of course, then I would vote for an atheist - just because someone is Christian politician does not mean that they are a good politician.

This bring me to Premier Christian Radio’s petition to ask Christians to say they will, “Promise to vote in the upcoming 2010 General election using their Christian conscience to decide which party to support”, and that as Christians, they will be "voting on matters of national importance to create a stronger and better country that reflects Christian values”. What party are 'Christians'* going to vote for I wonder? There is no one particular political party with one sided Christian values. Most people vote with their conscience, for good or for bad, for a whole array of reasons and principles. I for one however, would not like to revert back to theocratic rule. Ever. I would have been burned as a witch or a heretic, or a Protestant under Catholic rule, or a Catholic under Protestant rule, or a Jew by both!, depending as to which family I was born into. And as for being gay – shesh…

*The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Geoffrey Fisher, supported the 1957 Wolfenden report’s recommendation to decriminalise male homosexuality. Thanks to Queen Victoria there was never a law against lesbianism, so there was not a law to repeal.

**There are many Christian denominations and organisations that differ with the main stream and orthodox view of Christian ‘ethics and moral’ teaching on a number of national issues such as the ethics of war, homosexual relationships, sex before marriage, abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty and prison and police reform.

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