Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Are you a Humanist?

Are you a Humanist?

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I answered the questions and this was my result: D = 8, C = 5, B = 3 & A = 8

I guess Humanist viewpoint is not for me but we do come to an agreement on some very major points.

Of course the BIG difference is a belief in God.

However, if Christians and Humanists were to join forces to fight those agreed problems, or evils if you like, then imagine how much could be achieved. I kinda like to think of myself as a Christian Humanitarian along the lines of Dorothy B Sayers maybe.

Much is always made about difference, but so much really could be achieved for humanity and OUR planets other life forms!

I know as long as Christians pretend to be doing God's work by being ignorant and bigoted, by lack of intellect and scientific knowledge, by looking back to a non-existent 'hey day' then the Christian voice will be one of shrill and indifference and intolerance and down right stupidity.

And as long as Humanists use the same shrill voice then it will like two good people refusing to help a drowning man - one won't help if the other one does - because they are arguing about which one has the right to save the drowning, if not by now drowned, man. Shalom.

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