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New Labour On The Way Out?

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Why Labour Wants to Lose The Next Election
By Communicity (September 2009) at:

In this article Communicity suggests that it would not be in the best interests of New Labour to win the next election because they have made such a poor job of running the country that they would have a heck of a job to turn the country round – and that is the problem.
Most outgoing political parties leave a mess behind so that whoever gets in has at least a five year battle to put things right before it can really get down to implementing those polices it favours or promoted whilst in opposition.

Like all quotes about facts and figures relating to a governing political party all is not as clear cut as one might think. For instance the quote that, “Whichever Party wins next year’s election will inherit the highest levels of public debt on record in British political history”. Well not quite true:
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The real point is that whoever gets in has to deal with the reality of being in power rather than strutting their stuff on the outside. It is always easier to be in opposition, baying that the government, of whatever political persuasion, is wrong. But a look at the votes in parliament show that very seldom is their a big difference in attitude the vote on the war on Iraq for instance was passed by a large majority of 412 to 149; to see who voted for the war view hold them to account. Yet the Tories strut their stuff and say naughty Blair. If Blair lied then that is wicked, but if there was any doubt then the majority of MPs should have voted against, or at least supported the amendment against the war. The public were against it. Mass demonstration. But neither the Tories nor New Labour took any notice. Now the Tories say they are the party who will listen to the voters – oh yeah right. Truth is that the political system has been corrupt by the overt influence of non-elected persons having their say rather than elected members of parliament. The Thatcher government started the ball rolling with creating an unelected elite to have far more input than they should have. New Labour just carried it along by having unelected persons dictating policy – Alistair Campbell for example. Having experts give advice is one thing but when they and PR persons write and dictate the policy, well that is another thing altogether.

If as it is being forecast the Tories get into government, current poll ratings 16/02/2010 Cons:39 Lab:29 LibDem:20, then they will have the opportunity to put honesty and accountability back into politics. Have they the inclination to do it?

Whoever gets in will have to face some tough decisions – but they must. They must stop walking and talking their way out with glib sound bites and emotional theatrics. The country deserves better than that. And the country deserves to be told the facts about unemployment, health care costs and expectations, educational mismanagement, immigration and benefit facts – not myths for or against – and most of all the country needs to build upon its foundation of working class work ethics and middle class aspirations. Work ethics and aspiration to have a better life must go hand in hand. There is no easy answer to unemployment – the sad state of affairs that so many young people are out of work or who have never been in full time employment is a disgrace to the nation. The young deserve better. The old deserve respect for their efforts and their wisdom. Time to shake off the shackles of the "can not do it" mentality to the "can do it" and "will di it".

Time to stop propping up the system but to return to individual responsibility. Of course individuals need help, need backing, need supporting in times of need. But they need empowering (a very over used word) to help them to be proud of who they are and what they can do. Britain is a brilliant country. The British people are not work shy or lack aspiration and or innovation. But they have been lied to and ignored by those in power. Yes, indeed, whoever gets in has a hard job ahead.

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