Monday, 25 January 2010

Disaster and Tragedy

Help support Haiti as it has suffered the worst earthquake in history. This impoverished country was shaken to is core and left bereft of the necessities of government and social institutions with many of Haiti’s prominent people dead. Though the UN has send in troops and aid supplies are trying to be sent Haiti is in a dire  predicament and needs both aid and physical support. In times like these the human race shows that it does care and can achieve so much for a country in need.

My hope is that the money and aid collected for Haiti actually gets to those in need! So often the case the aid money is creamed off by unscrupulous government officials and businessmen to feather their own nests. It has and does happen.

Thinking about countries that are always in need of aid (disasters not withstanding) the question has to be asked why? A continuing crises is no longer a crises, it is a permanent thing. If those countries are to be helped then the socio-political system has to be looked at. A corrupt system should not be kept in power by aid. I know we cannot interfere in those counties political institutions but if we cannot get our financial aid to the right people then we are wasting our money and supporting a corrupt regime who is living off our handouts to the detriment of their people. The argument that the people will suffer if we don’t give aid is only applicable if the aid gets to them in the first place. If it does not and has not then what is the difference to them if we give or not? Just asking

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  1. I really do hope that those who need the help actually receive it!


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