Tuesday, 26 January 2010

BNP Health Policy?

I found this blog and thought it interesting:


I added a comment:

"Your blog is correct Ami. It is important to understand that the whole workings of the NHS has to be considered when costs and ideology is involved. But the fact is that sound bites with no real meaning or truth for that matter, have always been used by political parties, such as John Major's "Back to Basics" and Tony Blair's "Zero Tolerance..." rhetoric.

Most people do not want to know how politicians are going to do something they just want them to say they are going to do something. If they are saying what the joe public thinks is true - that immigrant workers are stealing our jobs, that too much money is spent on aid to third world countries, that the gay agenda is destroying the way of the family and those religious (especially fundamental Christian) related organisations who will not accept such agendas, and that it would be good to "replace 100,000 NHS bureaucrats with doctors, nurses and dentists”, ( I come from a background of working for the NHS and found the sheer pettiness of the bureaucracy regarding bureaucratic power struggles and inadequate and business profit modelled management a detriment to both patient care and reshaping of the health service), then people will vote for the political party that espouses such things.

If political parties and other organisations want to combat nationalism, I think it is important to remember that though the main tenor of the BNP ideology is fascist, it's their rhetoric of nationalism that the people relate to, which is what the BNP means to most of their party members and those who voted for them in the EU elections of 2009, they are not all fascists in the true sense of the meaning of the word fascist, then they have to take up the rhetoric used and offer an answer that is meaningful to that rhetoric.

Nick Griffin and his followers are unlikely to look up and read about how and where the government spends it's money. Not many other ordinary people will bother to do so either. Thus political rhetoric to combat the BNP has to be to the point and simple. I have yet to see anything like that from the other political parties though the Lib Dems did a pretty good job in their NEWS  (For Your Local Community) newssheet I received in January of this year 2010 (Brighton & Hove Lib.Dems)".  

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