Friday, 23 October 2009

Anglican Priests to Join the Pope

Yey at last the poor little boys have admitted they want a daddy other than God as their leader. The Pope must be obeyed because in spiritual matters he is infallible – down with women priests, the scourge of Eve; poor little Adam, so blind, so gullible, so easily led. Down with homosexuality and lets ignore love and commitment that many such couples have (celibate or not). Yey, at last the Anglican subterfuge has been opened up. As for Rowan Williams he should not be sad at the possible exodus of wanna be Catholic priests. True faith will win out in the end – and as much as the Pope believes his version of the Catholic faith is the true Christian faith – it is God who decides.  For more information see Anglican's want to be Catholics.

No I’ve had my rant I must say that it always amazes me that people who disagree so strongly with a change still stay in the organisation and not only get compensated for their sulk they get let to do it their way and get paid by said organisation. Time for the Anglican church to state clearly what it stands for as has the Pope for the Catholic church. Though of course that does not make him nor the Catholic faith godly or right. If you disagree with the changes so much then maybe you should review where you stand and get a new job with a new employer. If the above merry men, or not so merry as the case may be, were so unhappy they should have left not stayed sulking and winging and receiving pay and benefits – how hypocritical, how un Christ like, how petty. Move on now chaps and enjoy being Catholic.

And if the Anglican church is decimated and becomes fractural and even irrelevant, then so be it. Nothing stays static, not even the Church, hence the reformation and Protestantism. God uses men and women, sorry Pope Benedict, not just men, but woman too, to bring about His way. The Pope and a few dissatisfied exodus-ing (if there is such a word LOL) Anglicans might not like the way God does things. But hey that’s God – for which I am truly grateful. God gave us the Scriptures, but he also gave us brains to think things out and learn. Amen and Shalom.

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