Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Unemployment and those pesky Immigrants

Work ethic and work opportunity are not things we Brits are known for. But we should be! And we are. We should be proud to be British and we should be looking at ways to help our ‘own’. But let’s not get onto a bandwagon of blame ‘the other’. Those who are in work are there to earn money. If someone takes a low pay job, then it’s no good blaming them – whoever they are. Did you want to work for that low pay, or do that so called demeaning job? If you can’t be bothered to get out of bed for a low paid job, or in reality, you truly believe that you are better off on welfare benefits because you can not live on a low wage job, then don’t blame someone who does or who has to. And where there are areas where work is not available, not even low pay part time work, then even if there were no so called ‘others’ about, nobody gets the no jobs then, do they?

Of course you could say that you are worth more than the wage being offered for a job. Indeed you most likely are. But you still can not blame ‘the others’ for taking that low paid job. It’s not new. It has always been the way. I can remember a time when people blamed the Welsh and the Irish, never mind those from the Commonwealth countries, when they came into England for the the job market and took on jobs that were low paid and menial. And you could say that those most in need take the low paid jobs – I said you could say that.

It is no good saying that if those Jews, Pakistanis' Indians, Africans, South Africans, Somalians, Romanians, Polish, whoever you want to pick on, were not here we’d get that job, we’d have that business, that house, that school place, that hospital bed. You would not, because there will always be someone better able to achieve or be worse off and possibly more desperate than you. There will always be someone else fitting the criteria that puts you one step down – it’s a fact. And those people will be offered the house, the hospital bed, the school place before you. But you shouldn't be surprised, because if you’re not in desperate need and someone else is, then be grateful, not p****d off. And if ‘those others’ were white British then what criteria are you going to throw at them? British Jobs for British Blonde, Blue Eyed Men and Women? Or jobs for third generation British only? Or maybe you’d go for British Jobs for the Under Forties Only? Or British jobs for men only? You get my drift. There will always be ‘the others’ to contend with. The same as you are ‘an other’ to them.

Don’t be deluded. No government party, no institution, religious or otherwise, will benefit everybody all of the time. And some sadly don’t benefit many people much of the time. The only person who can benefit you is you. It is not about British jobs for British people because there are very few companies that are British through and through, they have a ‘sourced out’ mentality. That as one Conservative MEP informed me, is Globalisation of the market place.Where companies take on the cheapest labour force to maximise their profits. Companies are not partisan. They want as much for as little as possible. Always been that way.

You have to take the initiative and go for the job, work at improving yourself, get yourself out of the situation you are in. You can do it. But you’ve got to do it for yourself. Taking it away or banning someone else from doing like wise will not help you. It’s an illusion to say I am owed a living, a home, health facilities and a home and I should be given such. In an ideal world we’d all have such things. But this world is about have’s and have not’s. It’s about working at what you want. You might not be number one but you might be a b****y good runner up. And you never know, you might just go from runner up to top. But you can’t if you’re not in the race! Rant Over.

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