Saturday, 8 August 2009

Truth and Reality

I found this site Plugged In and was fascinated by the notion of truth and reality. That reality is created and truth is not – it is eternal if you like, especially in relation to the word of God.

Here the ‘blog’ is about teenagers and what they listen to and watch. The down side of so called “dark music”. As one youth mentioned, the music made them feel good, touched them with the reality of what they felt. They said they went to church and God helped them, but the music made them feel good/better/related to something that “understood” them.

I can go with that. However, as the blog went on to explain, people may find that the reality of something reassures them that they are not suffering alone. But knowledge they are not suffering alone is not, does not offer, a cure for their suffering or their hurt [their wounds]. The truth of the gospel of Christ can, and does, offer that cure. The fact, or reality, is they, you, are hurting. The truth is they, you, can and will get over the hurt. Not immediately maybe, not tomorrow even, but eventually you will get over the hurt or the suffering you are experiencing. But only if truth outweighs fact and or reality. Fact is that every form of depravity is real – we can feel it and see it if we want to. In reality depravity exists. We know it is about. But does it have to be acceptable because its factual and or real?

For a Christian it means we have to face the fact or reality of something, but through living in the truth of the gospel of Christ we can know that this reality or fact of life experience [I am not talking about a mathematical or pure science fact] is finite and will change. Sadly, something seen as a depravation today could be seen as acceptable tomorrow. We get older, our tastes change, our technologies change, our fortunes and our health changes, but the truth does not change. Through the truth of the gospel we can do something about our hurt, our suffering, our confusion, the acts of depravation can be countered. We can move on in our thoughts and in our actions or in how we behave, not through just relating or experiencing a sameness through expression of a certain media – using satanic or dark music, obscenity and degradation through words, music or actions – but through the exposition of the truth of Christ and the message of the Gospel.

The following Scripture verses are, as the blog suggests, a good place to start thinking about truth, fact and reality: John 8, 31, 32; John 17:17-19; 1 Peter 1:22; Romans 12:2; John 10:10, 3 John 4; 2 Timothy 3:1-9 and 4:3-4

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