Saturday, 13 June 2009


It was sad to hear that STDs and teenage pregnancy was on the increase.

With so much information out there, why are teenagers being so silly and irresponsible? And what on earth is wrong with parents who encourage their young to be irresponsible? If you are going to allow your under age children to have sex, apart from that in itself being wrong, then for goodness sake help them at least be responsible: for instance parents of Chantell Steadman* must take up some of the responsibility for her sexual behavior – even if the young chap Alfie Patten, who thought he was the father, did take up the responsibility of being a father, good for him, but so young for such an important responsibility and role in life. The fact that the paternity test turned out negative and it was another chaps, one of many it sadly seems, child, does not detract from the sad situation that children so young in this country are behaving so silly.

A baby is not a toy that you give away, or leave it for your relations to 'deal' with when you’re bored with it, or when you find that your life with it is not what you thought it would be. I know many of the young girls who have had babies have coped and survived but… See link* Chantell and Alfie .

Could it be that it’s more exciting to do risky things than sensible things?

Could it be that they feel they are being dangerous and anti-establishment?

Even high risk extreme sports people take the correct precautions, after all they don’t really want to die young or get crippled.

So what’s with taking risks when having sex?

As for bringing a child in the world from a moment of excessive stupidity, what kind of life is that for the mother and the child? Does the man whose sperm fathered the child care – it seems, sadly that most do not; they want to be a “fornicator”, but not a “father”. So why not take responsibility and take precautions? And why, in some cases, leave all the responsibility on the girls shoulders. Take precautions. I repeat take precautions. As for the girls, if the boys are not man enough to take responsibility, talk about such issues with you, then they are not man enough to “fornicate”. There are some young men, and women, who are now either dead - very sad - or suffering because of their, "lets do it bare back" or "lets do it wild" attitude. Leaving behind some very sad families and friends, and even partners and children in some cases.

Sorry for the “f” word, but let’s not use the words “making love” here, because there is no love involved when two people put their health, if not their lives, at risk, as well as the health and the life of a potential living human, a baby, a child, use whatever word you like, by acting irresponsibly and oh so very selfishly.

There has always been teenage pregnancy and STDs, this generation is no cleverer or better at it. The sad thing is that it is now seen as the “in thing” to do. A badge to wear with pride and arrogance. Sad but true. The cost to those who are stupid and irresponsible and to society as a whole will be born out in the next generation, as health costs increase and family unity decreases. Sad, very sad. Rant Over.

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