Saturday, 13 June 2009

Finally: Rant 3

Just in case you thought I was all high and mighty and self-opinionated (no to the first two and yes to the latter) then take note. I loved the idea of a play about teenage mums called “Mums and Prams”, by Entertainment MK. I think this kind of media with involvement from young mums themselves is excellent. Well worth a look at on the BBC Beds Herts & Bucks site, which is linked above.

There’s not enough of this kind of media action relating to important issues. I remember when AIDS (now its STDs and teenage pregnancies) was the big news story with information, dis-and mis-information and scaremongering being in every form of media. Finally the hype was toned down and reality and compassion has set in – except from the Pope of course. He doesn’t wear condoms so no one else should? Being factious here I know, but ignorance and religious dogmatics and unrealistic ideology - Don’t do it if you’re a homosexual, and no sex till you’re married, then no contraception, because you’re only supposed to have sex in marriage with the desired outcome of babies - does harm not good. Back to the point. When a media such as drama through live theatre and then recorded theatre takes on issues of importance, especially social issues, there is an opening of awareness and sensibility. From black and white there comes an inlet of colour. A chance to see that there are more than the two sides to a story. A chance to reflect and have empathy and sympathy towards those of us who are not on the high-ladder and living a comfortable and safe life-style. This is not always through choice. Any way, a great idea! 

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