Thursday, 21 May 2009

All Change - My Rant

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I like change. I like changing the furniture around in my living room, moving the books about on my bookcase, normally when I finally take the time to dust. I like putting up different curtains in the rooms of our house at different times of the year. So all in all I think change is a good thing. Most of the time.

But what about when change is not a good thing? What about when change puts things out of sorts and is not conducive to one's sense of well being, or your family's sense of well being? Then change can be difficult to handle. Not insurmountable, just difficult to handle.

I find life is like that, just when things seem to be ticking along something happens and it's "all change". That is scary don't you think? From the shop you normally go to closing down to the doctor you like retiring, its all change. And that makes us uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable because unlike a change I instigated I have no control of these changes.

So what about changes in society? According to some people society has changed too much, especially relating to moral change. According to others change has been for the better as we, most of us in the west, have a freer way of living. Not tied down to certain role models and behaviour patterns. But is that true? We might not be tied down to past role model and behaviour patterns, but are we not tied down to the present day role model and behaviour patterns.

In some debates about change people mix moral up with culture and technological changes. We've all heard, and I've been guilty of, the saying "In my day...". Sometimes it's funny when people look back at the so called good old days. Most of the past was not good or better than the present. It was something you lived with. And I am sure that most of us look towards things being better rather than saying this is ideal and I don't want anything to change. Anything?

Of course we want some things to change, but most things don't often change on their own, there are always external influences, be it technological or civic, social or cultural. These external influences help to influence and develop change.

I remember a dialogue between my mum and another lady of the same age, around seventy years old, talking about the younger generation. My mum's associate was expressing the fact that, "Youngster's now days don't know they're born". Well apart from it being funny that if one is alive, and I presume you are if you're reading this, then you must know you are born, no? But of course she meant that youngster's now days have it easy. Have what easy?

She could have been relating to working hours, buying homes, going on holiday abroad, access to prepared foods and cookers that did not need overt cleaning every time you cooked something on them, relationships and child birth and rearing. Actually she was talking about washing machines and tumble dryers. So to some extend she was saying something true. In her, and my mum's day, there were no washing machines. Nor did my mum have hot running water so water had to be boiled in large saucepans and then poured into the sink in order to be able to wash the clothes. Then she had to hand wash, rinse, wring out and hang the washing up on the line or around the kitchen. So yes life was hard for people like her and my mum. But surely she did not still want it to be like that?

Well yes she did. She did because her reasoning was that because the young did not know what hard work was, her reasoning, not a fact, they did not know how to behave themselves and bring up their children right, as if every body did in the past, because they had too much time on their hands. Idle hands and all that jazz. Idle meaning doing so called 'trivial' things. But did they, do they?

My mum disagreed and expressed the sentiment that she wanted good lives for her children that were not controlled by set chores that had to be done on certain days of the week. Mum wanted to think that the future would bring about more leisure time and time for being with one's children rather than always being on the go, doing housework and cooking because you had to. And she hoped that wages would be about extras and not just necessities. Has much changed? Has change been for the good? I think it has.

The change in lifestyle, has to some degree made life easier, but not necessarily better, for some women and men. There is now the need to be 'doing something' in this so called extra leisure time. Playing on the computer, blogging on the blogs, sitting watching the television with access to hundred of programmes from the sublime to the ridiculous, going to the pub, club, whatever else you do in your leisure time. These things become the chores if we are not careful. They take up our time as much as the old chores did. We then spend more hours working to keep up with our 'chores', upgrading and obsessing about them. And they are chores in the fact that we end up having to do these things, as well as to some extent, wanting to do these things. And sadly we don't feel as if we are living if we can't or aren't doing these things. We stress if we are not being able to do these things. They are, like, so important !

In the old days - there I've said it - people could not do things such as meet up or spend time with their children (as much as they liked shall I say), friends or family because there were the chores to do. If the chores were left too long or missed the next time round was twice as hard. And though modern woman or man might miss a wash load, two can be easily caught up with in a morning! But when going to bingo, to the pub, playing on the computer or watching television becomes the chore, something you have to do, then what happens? Can you give up your 'chore' to spend better time with your children, friends and family? Or have you got to do it?

Spending time with children is not the same as children being there in the house with you. As in the old days - I know - mum or dad had to STOP their chore for a while to spend time with their children, so too do modern mum's and dad's. The difference is that in the past the washing or dinner did NOT get done if mum did not do the chore, making more work, and hungry tummy's maybe, for the next day. Now, you may not get that high score or go to the next level on the computer game, you may not be with your mates at some kind of venue (pick wherever you go) getting merry - I am being polite - or just sitting watching your favourite programme on the television, but...maybe you'll get to know what your children better, or even each other better, and nothing unforetold will happen. You'll still get the time to get that high score, go to the next level, get a drink or go to bingo, pub, club, whatever. Of course maybe you'll get on each others nerves, get agitated, feel like you're missing out. In the old days - ugh I know, I know - people did miss out. They had no choice. There was no chance for change. There is now. Don't miss out. Change is good. Go for change!

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