Friday, 10 April 2009

The Three Men

Today is Good Friday - the day when Christians 'celebrate' the death of Christ. I say celebrate because we know that Christ was crucified, laid in a tomb, and was then resurrected - that is 'celebrated' on Easter Sunday. In 'celebrating' Easter I'd like to recall three men who were representatives of a church I once knew. I still know of it, the hall they met in is still there and the church - a body of people worshipping God - still meet at that hall every Sunday.

The three men represent three sides of that church I once knew. A naive (meant in a nice way) literal Christian man, an intellectually conservative Christian, and a street wise (been there, done that kind of chap) conservative Christian. They all meant something to me. And they still do. They taught me a lot about ideas and behaviour patterns. One brought me to believe in Christ and I was baptised as a believer. That was after I, and my partner, had be touched by the Holy Spirit. We, my partner and I, were touched by the Holy Spirit at the same time. This was the most remarkable thing. You see, either one of us could have been touched, affected, whatever description you want to use. But for one of the biggest effects on our lives to take affect, the both of us had to be touched. So we were 'zapped'. That is a good way of saying it. Zapped to move away from a standing point we held firm to. One day I'll go in depth about what that decision was. But for now I want to go back to the three men.

You could say they gave me valuable insight into how Christians live. Or how some Christians live. All three had gifts, talents or skills if you like, to use for the church. One liked small group settings and literalistic bible study materials to promote Christian thought. One liked small group, but in particular one-to-one bible studies. Using similar bible study materials but understanding a more complex world view and able to articulate between the two. One liked group and one-to-one but came from the more historical literalism biblical world view, though to some degree having some comprehension of a secular world view. But all three agreed that the bible came first. They locked onto the moral teachings of the New Testament and they locked onto the modus-operandi of worship and church structures as defined by St Paul. So simple, so quaint, so easy to follow. I miss them and their simplicity. Life's like that. You move on. Some would say you grow up. Life is not simple. Indeed it is not. Yes, I miss the three men.

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