Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Someone Does Give A 'Fig' Gordon Brown and the oncoming summit.
Though I was scathing in my last blog that world leaders et al did not 'give a fig' I do acknowledge the economic and capitalistic difficulties they live with. It was nice to read from Ekklesia site that Gordon Brown PM is outreaching rather than postulating aka G W Bush ex-President of the USA. It would be wonderful and miraculous if the outcome of the summit was not just rhetorically positive but practicably applicable and
finally, before it is too late, achieved.

On another positive note, Sojourners 'Mobilization To End Poverty' April 26 - 29 2009 at Washington Convention Centre, should raise awareness of poverty as Christians from across the States come together in a "powerful movement committed to the biblical imperative of reducing domestic and global poverty". See
for more information.

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