Saturday, 28 March 2009

WWF's Earth Hour

Are you up for it?
On Saturday (today) 28 March 2009 at 8.30pm, people, businesses and iconic buildings around the world will switch off their lights for an hour – WWF’s Earth Hour. This event is to kick-start "WWF's Campaign for a global deal to convince governments to agree effective action on climate change. December's UN climate summit in Copenhagen is their last chance to get it right, so we need to ensure they know we care. Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing people and nature, and demands urgent global action. Unless we prevent average temperatures rising 2°C above pre-industrial levels, we face a high risk of severe and irreversible changes in the planet’s natural systems".

Is it really TOO much to ask governments to be effective in this matter? The various summits that take place consisting of the so called 'good and the great' and 'the powerful and influential' always brings about lovely rhetoric and excellent soundbites, with much self-congratulating and over indulgences, but then they, and we, all go back to "doing it our way". I doubt very much that government leaders and officials really give a fig about the earth and the living things upon it, be it human or otherwise, if they did they would not be debating how little they can get away with doing in order not to affect their lifestyles, their wallets or their 'bomb power'. If they cared they would be going for the highest optimum to stop climate change, the highest optimum to stop poverty and the highest optimum to stop destruction of the earths resources.

So it is GOOD that organisations such as WWF try to have impact by bringing people into action, however small that action is, but like the rhetoric and the soundbites of the 'good and the great' and 'the powerful and influential' we keep looking at "the least we can do". Let's go for the "maximum we can do", going over and above the required or requested minimum amount. And let's learn something from our history, we've no excuses for polluting our waters and destroying our lands and wasting our resources. The West is the BIGGEST user of natural resources per capita. And though those countries that are trying to develop, or I would say are trying to be capitalistically market orientated to match the West, would say that they need to be just as wasteful and destructive in order to catch up with the West, may I suggest if the earth is destroyed it won't matter what flag you're flying, what nationality you are, how many cars you've got parked in your drive, how much money you've got stashed away, or how many properties you own, nor will it matter if you can't compete against the 'others', who ever the 'others' are, no it won't even matter if you can't be part of 'good and the great' and 'the powerful and influential' because, we will be decimated, extinct, snuffed out, GONE. It won't be about THEM and US, it will be about NONE of us. ARE YOU UP FOR IT NOW?

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