Monday, 23 March 2009

The Way We Are

You know that something is wrong by being told, by gut feeling, by intuition, by just 'knowing'. And you know the difference between right and wrong by being told, intuition or an innate knowledge, gut feeling and your own sensibility. But what if you're asked to ignore those feelings or reasoning's and just believe that something is wrong or right? To ignore that feeling of unease when you meet someone and you 'just don't like them', and carry on being with them or associating with them. What do you do then?

Regarding the above in relation to gut feeling about meeting somebody and 'not liking them or thinking there is 'something' about them that's not quite right, I've had that feeling more than a few times and mostly been proved right. Of course there has been the exception whereby the person in question has turned out to be, as they say good, a sort. Trouble is we sometimes have to be associated with them, be it at work, at school, at home - even a family member can have that affect on you - or at church or other organisation.

From the negative statement of 'there's something about that person' there can also be a class or race or sexuality statement. To me it's a double whammy if the person I've got that negative 'gut feeling' about happens to be one of a culture or organisation or life style I dislike or disagree with. I believe we are all like that to some extent. It's how we react to 'those people' that is important.

Being polite, if not exactly nice, to someone you have a negative feeling about is hard for me. But without social niceties we would be in for a very difficult time. For every negative 'gut feeling' you have about someone, someone you met or are about to meet has that same feeling about you! That's just the way we are.

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