Saturday, 7 March 2009

From Where I'm Standing: The Lost Sheep

Some times I feel like a lost sheep. I seem to have wandered off and no one has come to find me. In truth of course I am not lost because my faith in God says that God will never let me be lost. He will always be looking for me and he will always find me. So why do I say I am lost then? Because I am searching for...What exactly am I searching for? A place to worship that accepts me and where I can join in and participate to the full. Where my abilities and skills can be utilised for the good of the church or organisation. Where I do not have to underplay who I am. Where I do not have to pretend to be something I am not. Where I do not have to hide.

Sometimes sheep run away. Sometimes they know why they run away. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they just run and find themselves lost. Either way, sheep get lost and that is sad. It is my personal experience that I'm feeling like a lost sheep. I have met other lost sheep also. It's a shame all lost sheep can't meet up together and become found sheep!

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